Who we serve:
  • Large and medium-sized businesses (insurance, manufacturing, logistics, retail)
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Business owners and top managers
  • Government business enterprise
  • Construction companies
  • Natural resources companies
  • Public employees and equal-status persons
  • Athletes, sports clubs
  • Owners of large personal assets, Family Office
  • Large and medium-sized businesses (insurance, manufacturing, logistics, retail)

    We represent the interests of large and medium-sized businesses on all legal issues - from participation in bargain negotiations and solving internal corporate issues to representation in court. We will find a solution to any conflict situation and can act as mediators. All the lawyers in our office obtain the appropriate training and status.

    We provide:
    - representing the interests of our clients in all the courts of the Russian Federation, assisting in representation in the courts abroad, carrying out commercial arbitration
    - provide all kinds of legal support in resolving disputes through negotiations in pre-trial order
    - arrange corporate documents
    - develop a strategy to resolve conflict situations both within the company and with counterparties
    - develop and implement a strategy to preserve the assets of companies
    - provide the assistance in resolving conflict situations with employees
    - representing companies in relationships with law enforcement agencies during pre-investigation checks and at the investigation
    - minimising the moral and property losses during the search
    - representing the clients in antitrust and other government agencies

  • Banks and other financial institutions

    We cooperate with credit institutions, leasing companies and other financial institutions. We help with debt management, negotiation, conclusion, maintenance and execution of transactions.
    We are engaged in the support of financial institutions at all stages of their activities.

    We provide:
    - bankruptcy
    - settlement of problem debts
    - corporate governance
    - structuring of business deals
    - complex financing and lending operations, including the preparation of syndicated financing
    - acquisition, merger of banks and other financial institutions, support of companies with distressed assets
    - aircraft leasing operations, water transport, production equipment
    - factoring
    - securities
    - expert opinions preparation

  • Business owners and top managers

    Our experience allows us to resolve any conflict situations in which owners, corporations and top managers can be involved.
    We provide assistance both in dealing with distressed assets, debts, and in resolving personal issues.
    At the request of our clients we communicate to the investors; consultants, participate in the resolution of emerging issues in other jurisdictions.

    We provide:
    - assistance in establishing a new business, restructuring the operating business (mergers and acquisitions), resolving corporate conflicts
    - bankruptcy, debt restructuring, dealing with distressed assets
    - providing consultations on internal control and risk management, audit
    - accompanying deals, negotiations
    - judicial representation
    - legal support on personal matters
    - providing legal assistance in foreign jurisdictions

  • Government business enterprise

    We represent the interests of state corporations and their employees, accompany corporate deals.

    We provide:
    - structuring and legal support for participation and control of foreign spv companies in accordance with the sanctions legislation, kyc, antitrust requirements and aml
    - legal support for the foreclosure procedures, bankruptcies, executive proceedings, coverage
    - legal support for the analysis, confirmation of the legality of corporate procedures of counterparties
    - providing solutions for issues with debt and representing the interests in court
    - arranging protection for the heads and employees of state corporations from law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecution

  • Construction companies

    We carry out full legal support of the activities of developers, general contractors/subcontractors. We are aware of all the issues of construction business and construction, CAR/EAR risks and operation. We can assist to set up the cooperation with the state customer.

    We provide:
    - representation of the interests of construction companies in the court on the issues of conclusion and execution of contracts, debt collection, forfeit
    - full support for contract award (general contract/subcontract)
    - legal assistance for the performance of contracts, excluding contract violations
    - representation of the interests of the contractor at all stages of public procurement in accordance with the Federal Law
    - representation of the interests in the antitrust authorities on mentioning in Russian supplier blacklist
    - appealing the actions of the state customer to conduct the bidding

  • Natural resources companies

    We represent the interests of oil, gas and other resource companies, fuel and energy companies, as well as production companies related to environmental management and/or impact on the natural environment.

    We provide legal support at all stages of our activities, from obtaining permits to the sale of natural resources.

    We provide:
    - due diligence, contracting and maintenance of deals, including acquisition and divestment of assets
    - legal review of environmental impact
    - receiving and reissuing licenses/permits for the extraction of oil and gas and other natural resources
    - equipment supply, services, ongoing repairs, exploration, geophysical and seismic activities
    - infrastructure development of sites: development of project documentation, construction of wells, oil and gas pipelines, roads, power lines
    - the activities of gas stations, refineries, oil products trading
    - pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes
    - advice on tax legislation
    - representation of interests in cooperation with regulatory authorities, preparing objections, challenging actions/inactions, acts of state and municipal authorities

  • Public employees and equal-status persons

    We represent the interests of the clients on the issues of compliance with the law and restrictions related to public service.

    We provide:

    - implementation of the asset management in accordance with the Law of Russian Federation
    - representation of Client's interests in Russian and international courts
    - assist with negotiation and business deals
    - protection during pre-investigation and investigation checks
    - legal and psychological support during the period of searches in the office and at home

  • Athletes, sports clubs

    We provide assistance to the athletes and sports clubs, on the legal issues arising in the interaction of clubs with athletes, as well as between clubs and their management.
    We provide legal examination and assistance in contracting, deals, conflict resolution, as well as issues of interaction between athletes, clubs and federations.

    We provide:
    - agreeing on professional contracts, including the other types of contracts - labor, advertising, etc.
    - legal support of transfers
    - negotiation arrangements and proceeding
    - civil-legal deals
    - advice on tax and financial risks
    - conflicts resolution
    - advice on civil, labor, corporate and family law, accompanying litigation
    - issues regarding anti-doping regulations
    - sports arbitration

  • Owners of large personal assets, Family Office

    We provide assistance to the owners of large personal assets, shareholders of Russian and foreign holdings, as well as individuals planning to have foreign residency, rantier.

    We create a Family Office based on the client's individual needs so that the asset owner and head of the family spend less time managing and controlling their assets and have more free time to enjoy life.

    We help to optimize both personal and business assets to avoid excessive tax burden or double taxation by professionally reviewing and recommending the most appropriate structures for asset management and preservation.

    We provide:
    - daily work with lawyers, auditors, bankers, financial directors of the Family companies
    - business management and control of foreign holdings in accordance with the CFC law
    - legal support for the processes of registration, liquidation, structuring and bankruptcy of foreign companies
    - consultation on nominal service in foreign jurisdictions
    - legal support for the return of overseas capital to Russia
    - property management, including yachts, cars, planes, spacecrafts
    - opening bank accounts, KYC, daily work with bank compliance
    - registration of branches of the Company abroad, establishing of foreign business
    - legal support for obtaining citizenship, rtax residency, non-domicile statuses