Practice Areas:
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  • Construction contract/Federal Law #44
  • Real Estate
  • Family and hereditary cases
  • Tax disputes
  • Environmental management and environment protection
  • Corporate Law
  • Legal support with criminal cases in business
  • Art objects
  • Family Office, Family Assets Management and Foreign Company Affairs
  • Litigation

    We effectively resolve conflicts related to business in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, arbitral tribunal. We are in charge of organizing the conflict resolution process:

    - accompanying customers at all stages of the dispute
    - develop a dispute resolution strategy
    - enforcement of judicial acts, including acts of foreign courts
    - keep a guide to achieving the commercial goals of the client

  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring

    We have a unique experience in the field of bankruptcy and business restructuring. Our law office successfully represents the interests of the largest enterprises of all spheres of the economy, as well as top managers, owners and business beneficiarieson issues of bringing to subsidiary responsibility. We carry out full legal support of bankruptcy procedures.

    - control and manage financial and legal risks
    - develop a strategy for both before and during bankruptcy proceedings
    - conduct pre-bankruptcy audits and assess risks
    - challenge the actions of the arbitrator, collect damages from managers caused by unscrupulous actions in the bankruptcy procedure
    - search for the debtor's property, form an evidence base in Russia and abroad
    - provide legal support on the criminal aspects of bankruptcy

    We advise on:

    - recovery of damages
    - subsidiary responsibility (attraction/release) of top managers, business owners and beneficiaries
    - challenging of the transaction, decisions of the meeting/committee of creditors, the results of trades

    We also assist in financial recovery, audit, provide expert examination, arrange anti-crisis management, cooperate with arbitration managers, as well as provide other necessary services.

  • Construction contract/Federal Act 44

    Combining understanding of the practical aspects of the construction process, understanding the business objectives of our clients and our experience in litigation and expertise in resolving building disputes, we help to minimize the risks and effectively resolve disputes. We also advice on the whole range of issues related to public procurement.

    We represent the interests of:

    - general contractors
    - customers
    - suppliers
    - subcontractors

    Our lawyers have experience with all aspects of commercial projects at any stage of construction projects.

  • Real Estate

    We are engaged in legal support of the construction process (commercial, industrial, residential buildings) as well as the operation and turnover of the real estate (sale, rent).

    We have a good experience in legal arrangements at all stages of the construction:
    - funding
    - providing/acquiring land
    - designing
    - assessment of environmental and other mandatory requirements
    - obtaining permits
    - construction of the facility
    - putting into service

    We represent the interests of:
    - developers
    - tenant builders
    - subcontractors
    - buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants
    - banks and leasing organizations

  • Family and hereditary cases

    We advise on the legal issues of the management of private assets, both in Russia and abroad, provide comprehensive legal support in cases related to family and hereditary disputes.

    We provide:
    - consulting on tax liabilities issues
    - optimization of the legal regime of the property of spouses, drawing up prenuptial agreements and property sharing agreements, alimony agreements, contesting transactions with common property
    - mediation of family disputes
    - participation in divorce proceedings, processes to determine where children live and how to communicate with them
    - establishing/challenging paternity (motherhood), advising on legal issues of the use of reproductive technologies
    - legal support of the process of adoption and the establishment of custody and guardianship
    - making of wills, setting up funds, participating in inheritance disputes
    - protecting honour, dignity and business reputation
    - communication to Media and PR agencies

  • Tax disputes

    We provide the assistance in conducting tax audits, as well as in structuring the ownership of assets in Russia and abroad. We have an experience in tax consulting, both juridical parties and physical party.

    We provide:
    - analysis and minimization of tax risks
    - CFC and preventing and countering tax base erosion and profit shifting
    - assessment of criminal and legal risks associated with tax liabilities
    - contesting tax authorities' acts
    - interaction with the tax authority organization, providing all necessary documents
    - protection and support of clients during interrogations, inspections, searches

  • Environmental management and environment protection

    We are engaged in legal support of environmental management (land, subsoil, forests, water facilities, etc.), environmental protection and environmental safety in the implementation of industrial, construction and other economic activities.

    We provide:

    - analysis of environmental and health and epidemiological legislation in relation to the project being implemented
    - environmental risk assessment related to project implementation
    - advice on industrial safety legal issues
    - supporting Clients in the process of environmental supervision and control
    - representing clients in environmental litigation, including compensation of damage to the environment

  • Corporate Law

    We provide support to the companies, their owners and top managers on corporate governance, transaction support.

    Our team has a wide experience in protecting customers and their businesses from hostile acquisition and resolving corporate conflicts.
    To solve the problems, we find an individual approach to each case.

    We have a unique view of the pros and cons of judicial conflict resolution, which allows us to determine the best way to achieve the client's goals.
    We represent clients' interests in the courts in resolving corporate and personal conflicts..

    Legal strategy developed by our team have changed the established case law in Russia.
    When protecting the interests of the Client, we always take into account all legal risks (including criminal) and the media component of the corporate conflict.

    We provide:
    - preparing and maintaining agreements on mergers and acquisitions
    - due diligence
    - legal support for reorganization and restructuring of business and assets
    - legal support for the companies and holdings
    - legal support for the issuing of securities
    - protection from hostile acquisition
    - resolution of corporate and personal conflicts
    - protection from prosecution
    - media relations

  • Legal support with criminal cases in business

    We identify and assess all criminal and legal risks in the implementation of the client's business activities. We have a great experience of protecting clients in crisis situations - during searches, interrogations and other investigative actions.

    We develop a strategy of the protection in the investigation of a criminal case and when it is considered in the court, we provide legal support during pre-investigation check ups.

    We provide:
    - preparing responses to the inquiries of law enforcement agencies
    - preparing the evidence, including all the arrangements for examinations
    - assisting during the process of interrogation
    - developing instructions and providing the training for the staff on how to interact with law enforcement agencies and supervisory bodies
    - initiation of the pre-investigation check and Initiation of a criminal case if needed

    The following financial crimes belong to our areas of practice:

    - Fraud
    - Banking offences
    - Evasion of taxes and customs fees
    - Corruption
    - Abuse of power or authority
    - Abuse and market manipulation
    - Deliberate and fraudulent bankruptcy

  • Art objects

    We are professionally engaged in legal support for participants of the process of turnover and exhibition of art objects. We have a unique experience in accompanying the deals regarding art objects, we provide legal support to museums, cultural and historical foundations, galleries, artists and collectors.

    We provide:

    - importing and exporting of Art objects
    - transactions (operations) with art objects (buying and selling, presenting art objects for exhibition, etc.)
    - protecting the interests of clients in attribution, provenance and evaluation of art objects
    - organization and legal support of exhibitions
    - legal support for museums, galleries, foundations
    - compliance with legislation on the protection of cultural heritage
    - Inheritance for art

  • Family Office, Family Assets Management and Foreign Company Affairs

    We provide services for the organization and management of family assets, successfully cooperate with representatives of different states, consolidate the work of business, both in Russia and in the European Union.
    We create a system for managing large family assets, provide legal support and find solutions for of complicated issues.

    There are no two identical family offices. Each of them is unique. We approach the office individually in accordance with the requirements of the family.

    We provide:
    - asset management in accordance with the family's requirements
    - day-to-day work with lawyers, auditors, bankers, financial directors of family companies
    - conducting and controlling foreign holdings in accordance with the CFC law
    - providing support in the process if registration, liquidation, structuring and bankruptcy of foreign companies
    - providing consultations on nominal service in foreign jurisdictions
    - providing legal support in the return of overseas capital to Russia
    - day-to-day management of real estate, yachts, cars, airplanes, spacecrafts
    - providing legal support in the purchasing and selling the family's property
    - opening bank accounts, KYC, daily work with bank compliance
    - registration of company branches abroad, organization of foreign business
    - cooperation with investment companies on behalf of the family
    - providing legal support for receiving citizenship, tax residency, non-domicile status
    - planning arrangement for the succession of family assets to the next generation
    - planning arrangements for the transfer of business